Credit Sesame was interested in increasing brand awareness and also establishing strong credibility in the marketplace. This particular industry is filled with shady lenders and fly-by-night web sites. Credit Sesame wanted to establish their service as a robust and effective tool in helping customers improve their overall credit health and achieve financial freedom. A testimonial approach was a great way to lend credibility. The graphic section we created was also designed to demonstrate Credit Sesame’s very robust set of online tools while also demonstrating the ease of use.

Lower CPA's

Increase in New Customers

Outperformed Old Creative

The Urban Legend team was amazing to work with! They were creative, diligent and most importantly produced great spots resulting in much better performance over our previous campaigns. We are hiring them for our next spots because we were so happy with the results and love working with the entire team!

Stacy Wakefield

VP Marketing, Credit Sesame

Award Winning Content

Overall Campaign

Craft Direction

Craft Editorial


  • Urban Legend Creative
  • Old Creative

The Results Were Amazing

The campaign significantly outperformed all other previous campaigns, resulting in a significant increase in ad spend.