Tophatter was interested in testing the viability of television advertising after experiencing significant success in their online marketing campaigns. Urban Legend conceived and created a cost effective approach that resulted in equally impressive results.


Exceeded Aggressive CPA Goals

Diversified Tophatter's Acquisition Spend

Subsequent Campaigns Outperform Previous Version

Since this was our first foray into television, we relied on Urban Legend’s expertise to create a campaign that both performed, and increased brand awareness. They delivered interesting concepts, on time and on budget that outperformed our aggressive CPA goals.

Ragnar Gudmundsson

VP of Growth, Tophatter

  • CPA Goal
  • Campaign 1
  • Campaign 2
  • Campaign 3

The Results Were Amazing

The spot performance was so encouraging; we created two additional campaigns, each outperforming the prior. Look for new work focused on brand development in the future!